Talk To Someone' Show w/ Musicians Sharing with a Therapist

This will be a show unlike any other

With 3 bands...

Second Hand King & The Lovers
Sex Ed (Allison Gliesman)
The Black Creatures

Talking to a certified therapist...

Lindsay Ryan

About where they were when they wrote certain heartfelt lyrics and songs, on camera. There will be seating at the Rino, this will not be a like any show ever. We want respect and quiet for the performers with this show focused solely on what the artist is trying to get across.

There's a certain stigma about mental health. Still with all this new evidence & us as people always dealing with these monsters everyday - to me, (Joe), it seems ridiculous that we aren't getting the help we need. That we continue the bad cycles and don't confront any of our problems. 

Asking for help is okay, talking to a therapist is okay. More than okay, it's great & it really helped save my life when I needed it most. 

So all you have to do is come, and enjoy 3 talented musicians be vulnerable with you for an hour an a half or so - then tell your friends so we can start something hopefully monthly with this.

Portions of the proceeds will go to NAMI ... an organization also trying to take the stigma off mental health.

Thanks to The Rino, my partner in this Alex Garnett, the amazing Lindsay Ryan, and all the performers.

This will be a night to remembered and will be filmed!